Yoga Mini Retreat – Winter Medicine for Body & Mind

Winter is the season for rejuvenation; a time to turn in, to hibernate and re-charge our batteries ready for the springtime.  Join International Yoga Teacher Deborah Langley for this mini retreat, designed to support and enhance our cellular renewal. The mind and body are intricately linked, and this mini-retreat will provide yoga medicine for both!   We’ll begin with breath practices to enhance immunity, then follow on with a physical yoga practice that is both active, and restorative.  Learn about the importance of supporting the lungs and kidneys during winter, and have a direct experience of this throughout the yoga practice.  The guided meditation post yoga practice will enhance our relaxation, allowing the body to go about optimal cellular renewal.  This mini retreat concludes with a nourishing lunch, and you’ll leave feeling light, rested and inspired!


* Please note this is a non-bathing event, however ticket price will include a bathing certificate for later redemption 

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Saturday, 02nd July


9.30am -12.30pm



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This is a ticketed event and requires a booking

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Metung Hot Springs



73 Storth Ryes Avenue, Metung VIC
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