What’s That Bird Saying?

No need to be able to identify birds for this. It’s a different way of observing, in such a way that we learn what matters to them, and through that what is happening around them / us.

what are they saying to each other?
what are they listening to?
what are they watching?
what makes them stop foraging, preening, showing off to each other?
what scares them?
is it different for different kinds of birds?
what are they saying about us?

We’ll gather and share stories and ideas, maybe a game and head out to sit on the land come back and pool our observations maybe make a map and learn how to ask each other the kinds of questions that prime our curiosity and keep us sleuthing.

Dress for the weather, maybe bring a warm drink & snack, something to sit on and a notebook and pencil

4 x Sunday mornings as part of FLOAT 3909’s On FOOT
maximum 8 participants

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Sunday, 19th JuneSunday, 26th JuneSunday, 03rd JulySunday, 10th July


9:30am - 12:00 noon (ish)



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