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Tracks, traces and nightlife – LTB’s wild things

Lake Tyers Coast Action and Wildlife Unlimited use remote cameras and call detection to do ‘heatlh checks’ on populations of a range of mammals and birds living in our healthy bushland, but trained eyes and ears can recognise some of the most common clues they leave behind too.

Wildlife ecologists present an introduction to the world of wildlife monitoring, with a focus on night activity including owls and microbats. What do they eat, how do they hunt and where do they sleep?  What’s that weird sound?

Out in the coastal woodlands of Red Bluff we will look and listen for tracks and traces of activity, with spotlighting from dusk to seek out night-time hunters and foragers of this thriving ecosystem.

Dress warm, wear sturdy shoes suitable for uneven ground and bring a thermos and/or cup for a hot beverage.


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Friday, 12th July


4:00pm - 6:00pm



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Red Bluff Carpark, Red Bluff Road, Lake Tyers Beach


Lake Tyers Beach

Red Bluff Surfing Beach, Red Bluff Road, Lake Tyers Beach VIC
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