Today’s Menu live music @ Delegate River Tavern

Local band Today’s Menu will be lighting up far far far East Gippsland remote communities, starting at 3 pm on Sunday July 10th. A free event hosted by Carol of Delegate River Tavern bringing East Gippsland Winter Festival to our border communities of Bonang, Goongerah, Tubbut, Bendoc and beyond.

Today’s Menu is a 4 piece band from East Gippsland, bringing together musicians.
Ruth Hanson lead vocals / lyrics
Duncan Oliver lead guitarist
Matt Hickey bass guitarist
Nick Fisher drums

A bluesy rocky folky, some say punky vibe with punchy lyrics, all mixed up to keep you all dancing and warm!

Linking our remote mountain areas with the East Gippy Winter Festival, let’s light up our remote communities by bringing love, music and light to Delegate River Tavern on Sunday 10 July.

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Sunday, 10th July


3pm onwards




Delegate River Tavern


Delegate River

2062 Bonang Rd, Delegate River VIC
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Event Organiser

Delegate River Tavern

0455905455 or 0409928687

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