Rose’s Art Show

My name is Rose. I’m 8 years old. I love doing art. My first Art show was in 2021 when I was only 7. I only displayed and sold art by me. I raised $820 and donated it to Doctors without Boarders because I wanted to help with people in other countries who didn’t have hospitals to go to when they got covid.
I am having a second art show. Some of my family and friends and even people I don’t really know have donated their art to be sold. There is sewing, paintings, photos, poems, drawings, flowers and cake. I want everyone to come and bring your friends.
I’m going to sell the art by silent auction. My aim this time is to raise $1000 for Meals on wheels, they help people with healthy meals and have a chat to the people they deliver to in case they are lonely.

Image: Mushroom photo by Rose, available to purchase at the Art Show

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Saturday, 18th June


2:00pm - 4:00pm




Bairnsdale Baptist Church



Bairnsdale Baptist Church, Princes Highway, Lucknow VIC
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