Drama workshop for people living with a disability

The Dog Theatre Inc. presents an Improvisation workshop with Nick Papas

A space where there are no disabilities, only diversity.


The award-winning theatre company, The Dog Theatre is very excited to announce their Performing Arts (Drama) Improvisation workshop, especially tailored for people living with a disability, during the 2022 East Gippsland Winter Festival.


And we want you to come play!


Master of Improvisation Nick Papas, a core member of Born In A Taxi Physical Theatre Company, who has for decades lead improvisation workshops and performances for some of the great theatre companies formed exclusively for people living with disabilities in Australia (Back to Back, Rawcus, Rollercoaster) will be running a 4-hour Improvisation workshop on the 29th June 2022 at The Bruthen Mechanics Hall.


Nick will lead a workshop for up to 12 participants and their carers that is movement based and mostly non-verbal. A group warm up with general stretches and movement sourced from the group itself would start the session. Performing with one’s own movements and alternating between duet exercises and performing for each other would continue throughout the workshop. Nick also likes to stay open to what people enjoy and improvise his teaching to fit with the group’s particular needs.


Drama and Improvisation as a tool for personal growth


Theatre is about communication, about showing a specific set of skills that cannot be measured by the systems and structures of a modern and complex world. Drama, and in particular Improvisation is about the significance of who you are, no tricks, no complications, just you, in space, being seen and having fun.


Some of the things you may feel are –

  • A new sense of strength in a social environment
  • Community inclusion & involvement
  • Development of self-expression, teamwork, co-operation and problem-solving
  • Increase in social awareness, emotional stability and giving others space
  • Development of communication skills, self-awareness and self-confidence


And it will definitely improve your health and well-being

Having a great time always does!


If you would like to participate, please talk to your NDIS support coordinator or Carer as soon as you can, and they will book you a place in the room. Don’t forget there are only 12 places available for this workshop.


The Stats:

When:10am to 2:30pm (Half an hour for lunch)

Date: Wednesday 29th June 2022.

Where: The Mechanics Hall – Bruthen.

Who: You and your carer.

How much: $35.p/hr = $140. And your carer is free!

To Book: Go to Trybooking and hit the link

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Wednesday, 29th June


10:00am to 2:30pm



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This is a ticketed event and requires a booking

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Bruthen Mechanics Hall, Main Street, Bruthen VIC
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