Flutter Tent

The Flutter Tent at Fisherman’s Landing.


FLOAT was conceived, designed and built as a residency for artists. In the simplest terms, it has served that role faithfully in the four years since its launch.  Artists have found us, stayed a while, learned to love the Lake and its mysteries. The arts community that supports FLOAT has grown and developed around the function and concept. The starting point was our love of Lake Tyers.  Beautiful Bung Yarnda, the Lake that owns itself.  The wealth of stories; the ecology, rich and deep, has taught us to value detail in our engagement with this place.


FLOAT is an expanded concept now. An Observatorium of Flora and Fauna.  It is an understanding of shared habitat in a more than human world.


The Flutter Tent is an expression of this.  A simple flimsy shelter for the telling of our stories, the tent is designed like a moth cloth, to attract moths to the light. On the inside it offers protection from the world of fluttering, buzzing, whirling insects, while we tell the stories of being human. On the outside it is an opportunity to see the more than human world of the night.


The tent has been created by many hands.  Stitched together, literally.  It is ready now to play its part as an Observatorium of our place on the shores of Bung Yarnda.  Join us as we turn on the lights and sit together in the glow of our embroidered Moth Cloth Flutter Tent.



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Saturday, 02nd JulySaturday, 09th July


5:30 - 7:00pm



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Fisherman's Landing Picnic Area


Lake Tyers Beach

Fisherman's Landing Jetty and Boat Ramp, Mill Point Jetty Road, Lake Tyers Beach VIC
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